Aspiring to become a better cricketer is no easy task. The pursuit of excellence often takes its toll mentally & throughout my career I have understood the importance of having a support system outside of cricket. The Mentorship programmed is designed to provide structure & support outside of matches & training sessions. I feel this is crucial to a player’s mental wellbeing but also allows a player to organize their thoughts & consistently review performances. Whatever the player’s needs – Mental, Technical or Tactical, it can all be discussed in depth during the video consultations.My unique career path in playing and coaching under the legends, the transformation and success journeys of various athletes from earlier U16 To topping the world rankings in a short span of time shear through grit, determination and hard work has put me in a position where I feel I can provide value to aspiring cricketers & I really look forward to being part of that journey!

Playing Spin in India or Asian Subcontinent wickets

One of the best experiences I had playing against spin was during my 3 decades of playing on Indian and various Asian Subcontinent wickets from age of 4. It taught me so much about where my game was & what I needed to do to improve it Here are 5 tips

Scoring runs in Club Cricket

Club Cricket – A real challenge for any cricketer, professional or amateur. Here are 5 tips that can help you improve your performance: 


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